In order to find a grave, you must first be sure that the person is actually buried in the City Cemetery.

Name Search

1. Go to the search fields at the top of this website page.

2. Type the last name (and first name, if you know it) of the person for whom you are looking and click Search.

3. Look through the list of persons in the search results for the one you want. If you don’t find him or her, try different spellings and search again.

4. When you find the person, or a possibility, click on the name. You will be taken to a page with the name, death date, age, location, and burial status.

5. The location column will have a Plat number and Lot number. Make a note of these numbers.

Interactive Cemetery Map

6. Next to the Plat and Lot numbers is a "Map" or "View on map" icon.

7. Click on one of the map icons to use the interactive cemetery map. A map will appear showing the location of the grave of the person for whom you are looking.

8. Use the "+" or "-" buttons to zoom in and out to see the grave's location within the cemetery.

It's Not Always Easy

Finding a grave in the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery is not always easy. The cemetery is a big place, and its layout has changed over time. Note that maps of the cemetery are traditionally drawn with north at the bottom, as if you're standing looking in from the main gate on 10th and Broadway. There is only one known map of the cemetery, and it's not entirely complete. Things get a bit vague along the western boundary, and tiers are not always listed in detail. To better understand “plats” and “lots”, see these terms in the Glossary.

If you're unable to find the location you're seeking on the map, the staff in the Cemetery Office (just inside the main gate) may be able to help.

If you are unable to find a person, try searching The Marsh Index which contains additional individuals whose locations are not yet confirmed. These individuals will be added in a future update to the database.