A cemetery is primarily a place for people to mourn and visit their loved ones. When visiting a cemetery, there are a number of basic rules you should keep in mind in order to show respect to both the living and the dead.

Follow the Rules

Driving in the Cemetery

Follow the roadways and don’t drive on the grass. Drive slowly and obey any traffic signs posted in the cemetery. Be careful to avoid any people since they might be upset and not paying complete attention to where they are going.

Respect the Graves


Children and Pets

Funerals and Mourners


Littering creates extra work for the caretakers, and shows disrespect to the other families who come to mourn their loved ones. Take your trash with you when you go, or put it in trash receptacles. This includes cigarette butts. It would be especially nice if any trash along the way was picked up, regardless of who left it.


Film Making

Check with the cemetery before doing any film making. It may be against their policies, or they may charge a fee for it.


Incidents of vandalism or theft should be reported to the police or cemetery staff.